The benefits of an Openlight camp.

The benefits of an Openlight camp.

School camps provide students and teachers with the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom.  With the increase of electronic device use and many children not getting outdoors, school camps are the perfect controlled environment to get children back into nature and enjoying natural learning opportunities.


The Openlight campsite located in the beautiful Victor Harbor is the perfect school camp location.  Our campsite puts you central to all Victor Harbor has on offer, or it is big enough to stay on-site explore the campgrounds or to create various learning activities across multiple zones.  There are so many benefits to students on a school camp.  Below we highlight some of the most important and show you why Openlight is the perfect place for these skills to develop.


Social Skills:

School camps involve a multitude of group activities and responsibilities.  These small groups push students to work with other students outside of a typical classroom situation.  These tasks can foster new friendships or strengthen old ones.  Camps often include a variety of team building activities.  These activities are games by the students yet their purpose of bringing students closer together is the most common outcome.


Learning a new skill:

A school camp can take the student out on activities they may have never experienced.

Our camp is a perfect base for aquatic activities some children may have never had the chance to try with family.  The Flurieu has a variety of surf and swim schools that can take your school group on aquatic adventures along the South Coast.



A school camp is the perfect place for children to learn independence.

Away from parents yet under adult supervision at Openlight students are encouraged to work together cleaning after meals, tidying and sweeping dormitories amongst other things.  These activities help students to improve their independence and life skills outside the classroom.


Personal Growth and Development:

The Openlight campsite is a place where students are pushed outside their familiar comfort zones.  Students are exposed to an environment and activities that may be unfamiliar to them.   They are forced to make independent choices on what activities to do, what time to stop giggling and go to bed, what to wear for the days weather.  All these choices even the small ones achieve a level of personal growth and development.


Nature play and education:

The Openlight Campsite is nestled in scrubland.  Even only one hour from the CBD the campsite has a real authentic scrubland vibe.  Student activities whether onsite or out on the coastline are authentic and nature-based.   These hands-on activities give children a learning experience outside the traditional four walls of the classroom.  These experiences create an appreciation for nature and a new excitement for learning.


Supporting a charity:

You should also feel good about booking with Openlight.   Openlight leases the campsite to generate revenue for our Youth Service Program.  Our Youth Services Program holds camps at our Victor Harbor site in the school holidays for children from a disadvantaged background.


Email to book your school camp today.  If you have already booked your camp, thank you for booking with Openlight and we hope you are ready to experience all the wonderful benefits a School camp offers.


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